Monday, December 31, 2012

An unusually Extraordinary year

2012's definitely been a turning point in my life like no other year ever. It’s brought about an inner strength to the fore, a self-awareness & with it, a penchant for life.
Reminiscing the past year of 2012 for me starts from December 2011.

Dec 2011 – M&M’s
Mom, my kiddo & myself @ Malaysia, Melbourne; My sister, my brother in law-Manoj; Melbourne Cricket Ground - M.S. Dhoni & mates - awesome dream come true; My reunion with Baileys; My new love- Frangelico; My hangover from an awesome New year impromptu party.

Jan 2012 – A Giant leap into New Activities
Australian Tennis Open – Roger Federer-his twins & Rafael Nadal-his wedgies-Never in a million years possible dream come true!!; Sydney - Disney musical show, the Harry Porter Exhibition, getting stranded @ Sydney for a night; Sangrias; reunited with water at the Malaysian rest rooms; Back Home; My baby Astronaut – enacting Neil Armstrong – 2nd place.

February 2012 – Pink is my Obsession
My Birthday, therefore my month of Madness – cut my hair really short, coloured my hair...Fluorescent Pink.

March 2012 – Tears & Grit
Adwaith's annual Day!! 
Bid farewell to once in a life time great set of colleagues/friends; throw ball practice in full flow – awesome new coach, Throw ball match day – Pink hair – Pink Uniform, No 14 Jersey!! Won Third place & NO injuries !!

April 2012 – Stage Fright
Part time co-hosted a Quiz show – where I myself got the 1st Online quiz prize, which duly went unnoticed J Was cutely dressed too.

May 2012 – A Burger full of Goodies
Homemade Fancy dress competition – startin with a pea pod idea – ended up creatin a Hamburger costume & got 100% support from my (a self surprised) mother. All thanx to blogs after blogs for makin it worth the 3rd prize he got!!

June 2012 – Teerth Yatra
India – Trivandrum – NO Baileys at the airport!! Me & my cousin brother, Mom & her brother, Adwaith & his cousin sister – big time bonding; Nagercoil – Anju, Kavitha, Kahlua & Mathews cake – wacky combination!! Chennai – Bigger time bondin with Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle & of course the Boys. Reunited with Baileys!!

July 2012 – Words, Prayers & Broken bones
Words spoken best swept & left under the blanket; an Angelic stranger who took the smallest nuances of everyday life & snow balled it into something more meaningful with even simpler equivalents; Learnt the value & meanin of self-confidence!! Adwaith’s very 1st movie in theater – Madagascar 3; Mom slipped, twisted & broke her unbreakable Tibia bone and was in cast for 3 full months;

August 2012 – Knots & Walks
Rakhis were tied & promptly removed!! Onasadhya was delicious!! Adwaith made footprints to welcome Lord Krishna!! School reopened!!

September 2012 – Off key notes & Banana leaves
Adwaith literally rapped Queen's We Will Rock you full speed for his singing competition!!

October 2012 – My life - Under the Sea & in the Ruins
Li'l sharky boy turned 5!! More creative ideas flowed - mom outdid herself on the delicacies & myself on the cake design!! Anju's awesomely sketched 5!!
 Greece trip with famly friends - aunts & uncles - Bloody mary-apetizers, wines as starters & Baileys - rest ofcourse :) Didnt try Ouzo & didnt take snaps of food!! have to go back!!
Left leg - knee cap started hurtin in weird way!!

November 2012 – Earth shattering Ultimatum & fireworks
Felt earthquake for the very 1st time!! Peace reigned with a delivered ultimatum!! Mad shoppin!! Dashed hopes of learnin French!

December 2012 – Fever, Fire, Frustration & Finale
Fulfilled my resolution to see most of the world before 12-12-12 & survived the scare too!!
     Dubai, Egypt (Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Corfu & Edfu), Frankfurt, Malaysia, Melbourne, Sydney, Greece – Done!!
             Hanging up my travellin boots & shoppin shoes for a while!!
But.... Ye Dil Mange more!!

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Karen Xavier said...

Haha, the post is so you... everything tumbling out in a burst of activity. The pictures should be bigger though...
Dil Always Mange More, God knows when it will be satisfied. Maybe it never will, and that is the essence of life...